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GPS Module

Equipped with a high-precision Telit GPS module, the Tiny GPS board offers accurate location data for your applications. Its compact design makes it ideal for embedded systems and projects where space is limited.

If you already own a Flux Capacitor from Rabbit Labs USA, then this board is the perfect choice for you! It conveniently fits alongside the Flipper Zero, creating a fantastic combo for your Flipper Zero.

To unlock the full potential of this board, make sure to use the Xtreme firmware, which has been specifically optimized to leverage its unique capabilities. With this firmware, you can harness the complete capabilities of the Tiny GPS board, enabling precise GPS positioning and Subdriving.

Subdriving is a novel feature within the Xtreme Firmware, which functions similarly to wardriving, but it's tailored for Sub-GHz signals. This innovative feature allows you to explore and interact with Sub-GHz wireless signals, opening up a world of possibilities!

Once you've successfully installed the firmware, navigate to the Xtreme app. Open the Protocols section, scroll down to GPIO pins, and set the UART NMEA Channel to 15,16. This configuration is important otherwise it will not work!

The default baudrate is 9600! Time To First Fix (TTFF) takes about 30 seconds, keep your Flipper next to an open window or outside.

To use the Tiny GPS board on other firmware, please use this GPS NMEA app