Awesome List of Firmware, Apps, Modules and everything for Flipper Zero

A knowledgebase of awesome resources for the Flipper Zero device, including firmware, applications and more.

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Everything* about Flipper Zero in one place

  • Firmware information

    There are a lot of Flipper Zero firmware out there, so we've gathered the information about all of it in one place and made a brief comparison.

  • Modules and cases

    Modules, where to find them and how to make them yourself. Cases and other 3D models.

  • Applications and dumps for Flipper

    The apps and dumps for Flipper Zero are sorted and updated, verified by the community.

  • Articles and videos

    Flipper articles, reviews and functional documentation that did not or cannot make it into the official documentation for some reason.

* and if something is missing, adding it is not a problem

About Awesome Flipper

This project is inspired by and is not affiliated with Flipper Devices Inc. It is simply a website created by Flipper enthusiasts and hobbyists for other enthusiasts and hobbyists 8)

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