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GPIO extender

GPIO Externder

What is it?

Built using custom made, highly durable pass-thru headers, the XXTender solves your flippers case of "caseitis".

If you don't know what caseitis is, it's that annoying situation in where you buy an awesome third party flipper compatible module that doesn't quite stay plugged in because the case gets in the way.

The XXTender is made with a very thin PCB that fits snuggly between the flipper and the case ensuring a seamless fit. When in use the XXTender extends the GPIO pins above the case. In addition to curing "caseitis" it also helps saves your flipper from wearing down the pins due to repeated insertion and removal of GPIO Boards.

The XXTender also includes noise filtering capacitors for both the 3 & 5 volt rails, as well as, a color matched flipper orange LED for indication when 5v is turned on. The LED is situated in such a way so that when it is on it is semi covered by the case, diffusing the light.