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External Radio Module for 900 MHz


This is a 900Mhz version of the CC1101 module fully pin-compatible with all existing CC1101 boards!

What is the purpose of this board?

This is a custom-made 900 Mhz module designed around a similar form factor to the existing CC1101 modules available on amazon and aliexpress.

But... WHY?

The only CC1101 readily available is the 433Mhz CC1101 module. While this module is able to operate on higher frequencies > 600Mhz, it does not perform as well at these frequencies in comparison to the 433Mhz it was designed for. Because of this, I built this module to be used at higher frequencies such as 868-900Mhz as it uses a radio tuned to handle this upper-frequency range while also being compatible with 315/433Mhz (just not as strong as 900Mhz)

What makes it special?

This is the only high-frequency module fully pin-compatible with the MAYHEM Board and other CC1101 MiniBoards, Multiboards, and full-height boards on the market. The module is plug-and-play with your existing boards and follows the same pinout as the EByte 433Mhz CC1101 module that has become the go-to in the community. This board also has decoupling capacitors as close to the radio itself and RF Shielding around the actual RF circuitry to limit noise.


  • GND - Flipper Pin 11
  • 3v3 - Flipper Pin 9
  • GD0 - Flipper Pin 6
  • CS - Flipper Pin 4
  • SCK - Flipper Pin 5
  • MOSI - Flipper Pin 2
  • MISO - Flipper Pin 3
  • UNUSED - N/A