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ESP32 aka Marauder

This ESP32 powered development board is compatible with the Flipper Zero peripheral header. It is meant to serve as an alternative to the official Flipper Zero WiFi Dev Board as a solution for adding WiFi capabilities to the main Flipper Zero unit.

The ESP32 or ESP32S3 module adds some improvements over the original design which make it a more viable option for a pocketable pentesting device. The ESP32 module comes preinstalled with the ESP32 Marauder1 firmware (usually) and because the PCB already features a micro SD card slot, there is no need to get your soldering iron out to be able to use the PCAP saving functionality of the firmware. The optional 3D printed enclosure offers additional support and protection for the dev board while maintaining a small, pocketable footprint.

The ESP32 module is meant to be used as a peripheral device for the Flipper Zero. With the dev board plugged into the Flipper Zero expansion header, you can either use the USB UART Bridge of the Flipper Zero with a mobile device or PC to access the Marauder CLI or you can use the WiFi Marauder companion app.


  • Flipper Zero compatible Header pins
  • Standard ESP32-WROOM (includes BT)
  • WS2812-2020 RGB LED
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • ESP32 GPIO Breakout
  • JTAG Interface
  • UART Activity LEDs
  • 3D Printed enclosure


Official WiFi Devboard can be used with the WiFi Marauder firmware