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Sub-GHz Remote

  • Sub-GHz Remote logo Sub-GHz Remote for Sub-GHz Sub-GHz


    SubGhz Remote, uses up to 5 .sub files

  • Information about application

    • Author: gid9798 xMasterX
    • Version: 1.3
    • Updated at: 2024-03-05
    • Downloads: 0

    Official Web Installer


With this application, you can combine up to 5 .sub files into one remote, and use flipper as a remote with multiple buttons.

What is "Map" Files?

"Map" is short for mapping A Map Files is a .txt files that the application uses to store information about remotes

How to use

First screen

After launching the application, you will see the MAP file selection screen (file browser). - Select map file or press "back" to go Main menu

  • Open map file - switching to remote
    • Select map file
    • On remote screen, use the navigation buttons(D-pad) to send a signal
  • Edit Map File - map file editor
    • Select map file
    • Up/Down - slot nafigation
    • Ok - edit menu
    • Left - preview/save
  • New Map File - Creating a new map file
    • Enter a name
    • The rest is similar to map file editor

About map file

Map file - FlipperFormat .txt file.

Stores custom names, and paths to used .sub files.



  • New UI design
  • New remote design by @Svaarich
  • Fix defines for new API
  • Fix typo


  • Official FirmWare Support
  • Add warning screen on CustomFW
    • The .sub file format may differ from the official one and may be broken


  • Was combined with a configuration plugin
    • Editing/Creating map file
  • Support for starting arguments


Initial implementation: - Transmission - GUI - All .sub files for which transfer is available are supported - Signal types: - Static - Dynamic - RAW - BinRAW

Custom modulations are not supported yet

Map File Format - FlipperFormat .txt file