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Rock Paper Scissors

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    Play the rock-paper-scissors game with your friends using the Flipper Zero Sub-GHz radio!

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    • Author: Check repo
    • Version: 1.4
    • Updated at: 2024-01-30
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This is a multiplayer adaptation of the classic rock-paper-scissors game—you need at least two devices to play the game.

Select "Host game" from the Main menu to allow your opponent to connect using the "Join game" option. Once the Sub-Ghz connection is established, you can start the battle.

On your Flipper Zero, press the OK button twice and then press one of three buttons:

  • The Up button to select a rock.
  • The Right button to select paper.
  • The Down button to select scissors.

Rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, and paper beats rock.

Wins and losses stats are available in the app, as well as the ability to change your name for games.


v1.4 - Update description v1.3 - More robust radio communication v1.2 - Updated subghz API