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    Sokoban on Flipper Zero. Solve your path to victory!

  • Information about application

    • Author: Racso
    • Version: 1.2
    • Updated at: 2024-03-05
    • Downloads: 0

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About Sokoban

Sokoban is a classic puzzle game. Your objective is to push all the boxes onto the targets.

Rules are simple: 1. You can only push boxes, not pull them. 2. You can only push one box at a time. 3. Score is determined by the number of PUSHES you make. The less pushes, the better.

App features

  • The app includes well-known sets of levels. In version 1.0, 255 levels are available.
  • Keep track of your best scores for each level, and compare them with the best possible scores. Can you star all the levels?
  • Made a mistake? No problem, you can undo some of your moves.

Upcoming features

  • More level sets
  • Increased undo limit
  • Load custom level sets


Made with ♠ by Racso - https://games.by.rac.so/fzero



  • Fixed error when updating to the latest API version.


  • Fixed error when reading some levels.


  • Initial release.