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Doom Flipper Zero edition

Will it run Doom?

As tradition goes, Doom is being ported to almost every possible embedded electronic device. Therefore I did an attempt to come up with something close to Doom and still compatible on the Flipper Zero's hardware. This is not the actual Doom game but a port made from yet another Doom port to the Arduino Nano - https://github.com/daveruiz/doom-nano/. This port is basically a raycasting engine, using Doom sprites. This version is very basic and might be improved over time.


@xMasterX - Porting to latest firmware using new plugins system, fixing many issues, adding sound @Svaarich - New logo screen and cool icon @hedger - uFBT fixes and some bugfixes @p4nic4ttack - First raw implementation based on doom-nano


v1.0 - Initial release, v1.1 - Various important fixes, v1.2 - Fixes for latest API, v1.3 - Fixes for latest API