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Xtreme Firmware

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We have spent many hours perfecting this code even further, and getting the most out of it.

The goal of this Firmware is to regularly bring out amazing updates based on what the community wants, with an actual understanding of whats going on. Fixing bugs that are regularly talked about, removing unstable / broken applications (.FAP) and actually using the level system that just sits abandoned everywhere else.

  • Feature-rich: We include all commonly found apps in the firmware, as long as they work.
  • Stable: Many hours have been spent rewriting core parts of the Flippers firmware as well as some of its apps to ensure stability. A task that was long needed on all Firmware, so we tackled it right away.
  • Customizable: Dont like the Animations, want to turn on/off the Home screen icons (battery, SD card etc), change the flippers name or anything like that? You absolutely can. No need to mess with code or deal with weird manifest files. Its all done with an App.
  • Official Website

    The official site contains links to the firmware installation instructions, and a link to support the author
    When using this firmware, think about supporting the author -- they really put a lot of effort into it

    Xtreme Firmware

  • Documentation

    For the most part, 95% of the answers are in the official documentation. The Xtreme documentation only covers things that are finalized or made in this firmware.


  • Source Code

    Source code available on GitHub


  • Social things