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Unleashed firmware

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Most stable custom firmware focused on new features and improvements of original firmware components, with almost no UI changes

This software is for experimental purposes only and is not meant for any illegal activity/purposes. We do not condone illegal activity and strongly encourage keeping transmissions to legal/valid uses allowed by law. Also, this software is made without any support from Flipper Devices and is in no way related to the official devs.

  • Official Website

    The official website contains links to firmware installation instructions, dev versions of the firmware, and a link to support the author
    When using this firmware, think about supporting the author -- they really put a lot of effort into it

    Unleased firmware

  • Documentation

    For the most part, 95% of the answers are in the official documentation. Unleashed documentation only covers things that are finalized or added in this firmware.


Features of this firmware include such changes and features as

Sub-GHz lib & hal

  • Regional TX restrictions removed
  • Extra Sub-GHz frequencies
  • Frequency range can be extended in settings file (Warning: It can damage Flipper's hardware)
  • Many rolling code protocols now have the ability to save & send captured signals
  • FAAC SLH (Spa) & BFT Mitto (keeloq secure with seed) manual creation
  • External CC1101 module support (by @quen0n)

Sub-GHz Main App

  • Save last used frequency (by @derskythe)
  • New frequency analyzer (by @ClusterM)
  • Press OK in frequency analyzer to use detected frequency in Read modes (by @derskythe)
  • Long press OK button in Sub-GHz Frequency analyzer to switch to Read menu (by @derskythe)
  • New option to use timestamps + protocol name when you saving file, instead of random name or timestamp only - Enable in Radio Settings -> Protocol Names = ON
  • Read mode UI improvements (shows time when signal was received) (by @wosk)
  • External CC1101 module support (Hardware SPI used)
  • Hold right in received signal list to delete selected signal
  • Custom buttons for Keeloq / Alutech AT4N / Nice Flor S / Somfy Telis / Security+ 2.0 / CAME Atomo - now you can use arrow buttons to send signal with different button code
  • Add manually menu extended with new protocols FAAC SLH, BFT Mitto / Somfy Telis / Nice Flor S / CAME Atomo, etc.. manual creation with programming new remote into receiver (use button 0xF for BFT Mitto, 0x8 (Prog) on - Somfy Telis)
  • Debug mode counter increase settings (+1 -> +5, +10, default: +1)
  • Debug PIN output settings for protocol development

Sub-GHz apps by unleashed team

  • Sub-GHz Bruteforce - static code brute-force plugin |
    • Time delay (between signals) setting (hold Up in main screen(says Up to Save)) + configure repeats in protocols list by pressing right button on selected protocol
    • Load your own file and select bytes you want to bruteforce or use preconfigured options in protocols list
  • Sub-GHz Remote - remote control for 5 sub-ghz files | bind one file for each button
    • use the built-in constructor or make config file by following this instruction


  • Recompiled IR TV Universal Remote for ALL buttons
  • Universal remotes for Projectors, Fans, A/Cs and Audio(soundbars, etc.) -> Also always updated and verified by our team
  • Infrared -> RCA Protocol
  • Infrared -> Debug TX PIN output settings


LFRFID/iButton Fuzzer plugins Extra Mifare Classic keys Add manually -> Mifare Classic with custom UID Picopass/iClass plugin (now with emulation support!) included in releases

Quality of life & other features

  • Customizable Flipper name Update! Now can be changed in Settings->Desktop (by @xMasterX and @Willy-JL)
  • Text Input UI element -> Cursor feature (by @Willy-JL)
  • Byte Input Mini editor -> Press UP multiple times until the nibble editor appears
  • Clock on Desktop -> Settings -> Desktop -> Show Clock
  • Battery percentage display with different styles Settings -> Desktop -> Battery View
  • More games in Dummy Mode -> click or hold any of arrow buttons
  • Lock device with pin(or regular lock if pin not set) by holding UP button on main screen (by @an4tur0r)
  • BadBT plugin (BT version of BadKB) (by @Willy-JL, ClaraCrazy, XFW contributors) - (See in Applications->Tools) - (aka BadUSB via Bluetooth)
  • BadUSB -> Keyboard layouts (by @rien > dummy-decoy)
  • Custom community plugins and games added + all known working apps can be downloaded in extra pack in every release
  • Other small fixes and changes throughout
  • See other changes in readme below