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Official firmware

The official firmware is the official firmware from the official Flipper Zero team. Sufficient and working stably. There is nothing much to add here.

  • Official Website

    The official firmware comes with the Flipper Zero by default and does not need to be installed separately. You can always choose it when installing from the official mobile app or desktop qFlipper.

    Flipper Zero website
    App Store
    Google Play

  • Documentation

    The documentation for the official firmware only describes the default functionality. But the functionality of other firmware is based on the official firmware, so if you have any questions, refer to the official firmware first.


  • Source Code

    Source code available on GitHub


  • Social things

    • Discord (check the pinned messages before asking there, they only speak English)
    • Telegram (Telegram used by russian Community)
    • Forum (Multi-lingual)
    • reddit (Multi-lingual)