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Momentum Firmware

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This custom firmware is based on the Official Firmware, and includes most of the awesome features from Unleashed. It is a direct continuation of the Xtreme firmware, built by the same (and only) developers who made that project special.

The goal of this firmware is to constantly push the bounds of what is possible with Flipper Zero, driving the innovation of many new groundbreaking features, while maintaining the easiest and most customizable user experience of any firmware. Fixing bugs promptly and ensuring a stable and compatible system is also of our utmost importance.

Main Features:

  • FindMy, Bad KB & BLE Spam: The most complete and advanced suite of Bluetooth tools to run payloads remotely, prank others nearby, or track your lost Flipper.
  • Countless Protocols: Many protocols integrated into SubGHz (weather, pocsag, tmps, ...), GPS SubDriving, and some rolling code support. Extra NFC cards are also supported.
  • New Interface: Largely redesigned interface with 8 main menu styles, control center with quick toggles, the most advanced file browser/manager, and more.
  • Momentum Settings: A powerful app to tweak just about everything. Here you can configure Asset Packs, Main Menu, File Browser, GPIO Pins, VGM Options and more.
  • Enhanced JS Scripting: The largest JavaScript module set (UsbDisk, Storage, GUI, BLE, SubGHz) to create efficient workflows and scripts with no C programming required.
  • Official Website

    The official site contains links to the firmware installation instructions, and a link to support the author
    When using this firmware, think about supporting the author -- they really put a lot of effort into it

    Momentum Firmware

  • Documentation

    For the most part, 95% of the answers are in the official documentation. The Momentum documentation only covers things that are finalized or made in this firmware.


  • Source Code

    Source code available on GitHub


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