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Firmware for Flipper Zero

Use Flipper Zero for legal purposes only

There are a lot of firmware available for Flipper Zero and it can be difficult to decide which one you need. We have compiled a list of the most popular firmware and compared them, also would like to draw your attention to the fact that the rating is based on the results of surveys which we conducted at the conferences such as Black Hat, Black Hat Asia, as well as on surveys in specialized communities

  • Official - stable official firmware, there is nothing extra, it will suit everyone and comes pre-installed in Flipper Zero. We recommend to use it for at least 1-2 weeks until you understand and determine which features you need added.
    • Don't forget that Flipper Zero team has provided "PlayMarket" if you are missing some application or functionality.
  • Unleashed - this firmware is based on the official firmware and is suitable for those who already know what they need and what the official firmware does not provide. Minimal changes in the interface, the emphasis is on functional and useful changes.
  • Xtreme - this firmware contains extra apps, unlocked regional restrictions and some functional changes such as Subdriving (Saving coordinates for subghz), Advanced Security measures (Lock on Boot, reset on false pins, etc.). Also here a set of "decorations", such as sets of animations and the ability to change the appearance of the menu.
  • Momentum - custom firmware is based on the Official Firmware, and includes most of the awesome features from Unleashed. It is a direct continuation of the Xtreme firmware, built by the same (and only) developers who made that project special.
  • Roguemaster - firmware is based on Official firmware and distributed as a firmware combining Unleased and Xtreme firmware features with additional apps and animations.
  • SquachWare - firmware based on the Official one and according to the admin's idea, developed by the community, which is supposed to gather 98% of the best features of other firmwares into itself.
  • Xvirus - Firmware based on Unleased, as stated in the project on GitHub and promoted as a personal project with personal improvements by the author.

Also, here is a brief comparison between firmwares

Stability of work. General 1 + + + +
Regional restrictions are disabled. Feature 2 + + + +
Easy spoofing for Name, Mac and Serial. Feature + + +
Rolling Code Support. Feature + + + +
BLE Spam. Feature 3 + + + +
Bad USB. Feature + + + + +
Bad BT. Feature + + + +
Subdriving for saving coordinates for Sub-GHz. Feature 4 + +
RGB Backlight. Decorations 5 + + + +
Advanced Security measures (Lock on Boot, reset on false pins, etc). Feature 6 + +
Interface customization. Decorations 7 + + +
Management App for easy configuration. Decorations 8 + + +
Asset Packs. Decorations 9 + + +

  1. It is very important that you are confident in the work and that the firmware will not fail 

  2. This is, of course, where all third-party firmware started 

  3. Do you like getting spam and crash of your device? 8) 

  4. Requires external GPS module 

  5. Change screen color to stand out from the crowd. Requires RGB Backlight hardware change 

  6. Anyone who knows what they're after -- uses 

  7. Some like it, one could argue that it takes up valuable RAM and resources 

  8. Some like it, one can debate that it takes up valuable RAM and resources of the Decoration 

  9. There is no practical benefit, but in case you want to make your Flipper desktion with GIFs and NSFW images, you are welcome