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How do I add more devices to the "Universal Remotes" menu?

While it isn't possible to add new items under the universal menu, there exist plenty of repositories containing many dumps of IR remotes. The most popular is Flipper-IRDB.

(Note: When downloading, it's highly recommended to unmount the SD Card from your Flipper and directly plug it in to your computer.) If you only need a remote for one device, you can use Flipper Maker's IR Device tool to create and transfer it on the go.

The universal TV remote doesn't work besides the power button.

The stock universal tv remote database mostly contains power codes, and very few of everything else. This file (Located at infrared/assets/ on the SD Card) be manually replaced with one containing extra codes for all buttons. To do so, download this file and use qFlipper to transfer it into the path from the previous sentence.

What are CSV/Pronto/IR Plus codes?

All three are different formats of infrared databases. They are not natively compatible with Flipper, but repositories exist that hold converted and compatible versions, such as Flipper-IRDB.