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Flipper Zero Magspoof Module


... What? What the heck is a magspoof?

Well... you know when you swipe your card at the store? That's a magnetic stripe card, aka magstripe. The black stripe (usually.. sometimes it's another color) on the back of the card has some magnetically encoded information- when you swipe your card, the reader picks up this information. There's probably some more detailed information on what my board here is doing1, but it basically transmits that data to the reader.

Cool... but why?

I dunno, just think it's pretty neat. I originally made a standalone board which you can also get here, but figured I'd design a Flipper module too as practice.

Alright, what's on the board?

Probably the most noticeable part of the board is the giant PCB coil, used to transmit the magnetic card information. It's driven by a L293D dual H-bridge motor driver- though I'm only using one H-bridge... and it's not even driving a motor. There's a couple of LEDs too- one to show when Flipper's 5V is available, and another to show when the board is transmitting. Lastly, there's a switch in the center to allow for the module to be switched between 3.3 and 5 volts. It draws about 35 mA when on 3.3V, and about 90 mA on 5V.

Again, keep in mind that this board has no reading functionality - this board only emulates magstripe cards. I do plan on working on this in the future. If you need a magstripe reader, I recommend this one2.

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