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External Radio Module for 433 MHz aka CC1101

On which firmware does the module work?

The module works on all firmware, including official firmware or any other alternative firmware.

The module improves flipper operation at 433 MHz. It differs from the standard implementation inside the flipper actually only by the SMA antenna (not RP-SMA!), which is tuned to work at 433 MHz. And the chip is exactly the same, Texas Instruments CC1101.

  • Base frequency 433 MHz (Usually in our latitudes use it and antennas are tuned to this band, but you can make yourself other antennas tuned for other bands and it will work on other bands)
  • It is connected via GPIO to MCU/Flipper via 4-wire SPI interface (on the left is a short part of 8 pins).
  • The chip works over a supply voltage range of 1.8V to 3.6V, however this module works best at 3.3V (this is solved in the modules)

Buy a ready-made module


You can build this module yourself, if you have a soldering iron, a solder, and the CC1101 module itself.

To build a working module, follow the pinout as shown in the image below

Pinout of the CC1101 from Ebyte module to work with Flipper Zero

There are also pinouts for the less popular D-SUN CC1101 and TI-CC1101 chips

Pinout of the CC1101 from D-SUN module to work with Flipper Zero

Pinout of the CC1101 from TI module to work with Flipper Zero

Special thanks to @quen0n and this article ([] for the pinout images1