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Cross Remote

  • Cross Remote logo Cross Remote for Infrared Infrared


    One-Click, sends multiple commands

  • Information about application

    • Author: Leedave
    • Version: 2.4
    • Updated at: 2024-03-05
    • Downloads: 0

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Cross Remote

This app combines your IR and SubGhz commands into a playlist that can be run with one click. Pauses can be set inbetween, as IR/SubGhz devices typically are not so fast.


  • Read out commands you recorded in the IR app
  • Read out commands you saved as .sub files
  • Combine commands to a chain/playlist
  • Add pauses inbetween commands
  • Save your command chain / playlist to flipper
  • Disable LED effects if not wanted
  • Configure duration of IR Signals
  • Configure default duration of Encoded SubGhz Signals

What good is this?

Example what you command chain (playlist) could do with one click - Turn on your TV with the IR TV remote - Turn on your Bluray player with the Blueray IR remote - Turn on your surround sound with the speaker IR remote - Turn on your ceiling fan using a subGhz remote - Turn on your AC using another remote



  • Added support for encoded SubGhz files
  • Added timer for SubGhz transmission (not needed in RAW files)
  • Added version number to app info screen
  • Minor updates/instrutions in


  • Fixed Crash after creating chains with SubGhz Items


  • Fixed incompatibility to Flipper-catalog / uFBT compiler


  • Added ability to individually set IR Signal time


  • SubGhz Functionality added
  • Slight change in Storage format to enalbe individual IR timings later (feature request)
  • Fixed more memory leaks
  • Fixed error where Flipper crashes after deleting a command chain
  • Updated Manifest for better CFW support
  • Updated readme for new inputs


  • Patched memory leak in storage


  • Added option to change IR Signal Timing


  • New Repository for App
  • Removed Loading animation for compatibility to API 0.95.0
  • Fixed issue with redundant header


First release to Application Catalog - IR Feature Working - Pause Features Working - Added warning for block missing SubGhz Features