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iButton Fuzzer

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    Fuzzer for ibutton readers

  • Information about application

    • Author: Check repo
    • Version: 1.3
    • Updated at: 2024-03-05
    • Downloads: 0

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Multi Fuzzer

Flipper Zero app for checking ibutton readers .

Not meant for any illegal activity/purposes.

You can check your readers for vulnerabilities using the default UIDs and frequently used UIDs.

The application will also help to identify the "denial of service" vulnerability when providing an incorrect uid or when accessing the reader too often.

Supported protocols

  • DS1990 (Dallas)
  • Metakom
  • Cyfral

Application Features

Main screen

  • Header - selected protocol
  • Menu - available attacks
    • Default Values - Using the dictionary from the app
    • Load UIDs from file - Loading a custom dictionary from an SD card
    • Load file - Loading UID from FlipperFormat key file with the ability to edit and further iterate over the selected byte

Attack screen

  • Header - selected attack
  • 2nd line
    • Time delay (TD) - idle time between UID submissions
    • Emulation time (EmT) - transmission time of one UID
  • 3rd line - Prtocol name
  • 4th line - Current UID



  • Improved pause during attack
    • Added the ability to switch UID
    • Added the ability to emulate the current UID
    • Added the ability to save UID
  • Load key file attack
    • Key file loading now does not depend on the selected protocol


Supported protocols - DS1990 (Dallas) - Metakom - Cyfral

Suported attack - Default Values - Load key file - Load UIDs from file