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UART Terminal

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    Control various devices via the Flipper Zero UART interface.

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    • Author: Check repo
    • Version: 1.4
    • Updated at: 2024-03-05
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The UART Terminal application allows you to use UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter) even without a computer, only with your Flipper Zero:

  1. On your Flipper Zero, run the UART Terminal app.
  2. Connect your Flipper Zero to a device that uses the UART protocol for communication.
  3. Select the desired communication frequency. After that, you can start reading and writing data directly from the application.


v1.0 - Initial release, v1.1 - Description update, v1.2 - More baudrates, v1.3 - HEX Mode, v1.4 - Fixes for latest API