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Signal Generator

  • Signal Generator logo Signal Generator for GPIO GPIO


    Control GPIO pins to generate digital signals

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    • Author: @nminaylov
    • Version: 1.0
    • Updated at: 2024-03-05
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Signal Generator

This is a simple signal generator that can be used to generate a signal with a given frequency. There are two modes: PWM and Clock.

PWM Mode

In PWM mode, the signal is generated by toggling the GPIO pin at the given frequency with a given pulse width. You can also select the GPIO pin on which the signal will be generated.

Clock Mode

In Clock mode, the signal is generated from the clock signal of the microcontroller. The frequency of the clock signal can be divided by a given value to get the desired frequency. The maximum frequency that can be generated is 64MHz, and the minimum is 32.768kHz. You can also manually select the frequency divider from 1 to 16. The GPIO pin is fixed at 13 (TX).


v1.0 - Initial release