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Color Guess

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    Color Guessing Game

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    • Author: Leedave
    • Version: 1.4
    • Updated at: 2024-03-06
    • Downloads: 0

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Color Guessing Game

Targeted at Web Developers, Graphical Designers and other nerds. This app will let your devices LED glow in a random color. Your job is to guess the Hex Code of the color.


  • 3 Difficulties
  • Optional haptic feedback helps you guess
  • Percentage calculation to show how close you are
  • Practice mode that lets you define colors yourself

How HEX color codes work

Example #FF44CC - Each digit is a number from 0 - F - One digit represents 0 - 15, two digits represent 0 - 255 - Each colors intensity is defined by two digits (black to full color) - The first color is red (example: FF) - The second color is green (example: 44) - The third color is blue (example: CC)



  • Prevent value changing on win view
  • Fix issues with FW build 0.99.x


  • Patched Memory Leak in storage


  • Updated compatibility to 0.95.0-rc


  • Updated Launch Screen GFX


First release to Application Catalog